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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Today, we revisited the project to undertake the installation of a new, updated DTV shower controller along with the communication controller.

The process commenced with the disconnection of the power supply to the existing DTV control module, followed by the removal of the outdated interface. In its place, we seamlessly installed a new interface and a cutting-edge conversion kit. With precision, we connected the new controller, an adapter module, and fresh communication wires to the existing DTV module. The Ethernet cable was meticulously linked to both the controller and the wall outlet. However, despite my efforts, obtaining an IP address for the system proved elusive. As a result, we intend to return to implement a new WiFi module, enabling seamless connectivity to the internet, alongside the installation of all necessary software updates.

Upon completion of these pending tasks, we meticulously tested the system to ensure its functionality, confirming that all ports are operational. Subsequently, we diligently cleaned all work areas, leaving them immaculate for your satisfaction.

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