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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were graciously received by the homeowner, who promptly pointed out the troublesome kitchen sink drain leak. Upon closer examination beneath the sink, we discovered a myriad of fractures and extensive corrosion plaguing the drain assembly. Additionally, it became evident that the sink stoppers were incompatible with the existing basket strainers. Engaging in a constructive dialogue with the homeowner, we explored various solutions to address the issue at hand.

Initiating the repair process, we took precautionary measures by laying protective cloths on the floor. Subsequently, we methodically removed the worn-out drain assembly and mismatched basket strainers. After meticulously cleansing the sink surface and clearing any debris obstructing the drain opening, we skillfully affixed two new, top-tier basket strainers to the sink. Employing precision, we installed a sleek, professional-grade chrome-plated brass drain assembly, seamlessly connecting it from the basket strainers to the wall.

Upon completion of all connections, a comprehensive test was conducted on both sides of the sink, revealing no traces of leakage from the drain. However, a minor issue arose as the faucet exhibited a slight leak from the spray hose, which we promptly rectified by tightening it. We thank you for your trust in Baethke Plumbing to complete these repairs. 

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