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Chicago Commercial Main Sewer Line Repair

The main sewer line is where all of the waste water from your building drains out to the city sewer system. It is a fairly important part of your plumbing and can cause major problems when clogged or broken. If you have noticed slow emptying of water at your drains, water backing up, or a gurgling noise, these are warning signs. You'll want to have a skilled Chicago plumber take a look at the line to see if it needs cleaning out. Baethke Plumbing has been providing these services, such as commercial main sewer line repair and cleaning since 1993!

Our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has received the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics. We will provide you with honest answers and a straightforward price for any potential repairs or servicing on your main sewer line.

Commercial Main Sewer Line Clog Repair

The culprits in a commercial main sewer line clog often depend on the type of business you run. Restaurants must occasionally deal with grease and food clogs from scraps and dirty dishes that weren't properly scraped into the garbage over the years. However, all businesses can be susceptible to broken pipes and the invasion of tree roots into the main line. No matter the cause, our team of Chicago plumbers offers expert commercial sewer line cleaning and repair. We're able to inspect your sewer line from both the outside and inside via a sophisticated camera system to locate leaks, clogs, and breaks. Once the problem is diagnosed, our team fixes it so your company can get back to business.

Baethke Plumbing handles main sewer line damage from many potential sources, including:

  • Broken & Collapsed Pipes
  • Leaking Pipe Joints
  • Bellied Pipe Sections
  • Invasive Roots
  • Grease Clogs
  • Pipe Corrosion

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A broken or damaged sewer line can potentially close down your company for a few days, especially if you put off having work done on it. Take action now by contacting Baethke Plumbing to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and certified Chicago commercial plumbers. If you fill out our online form, we'll get back to you as soon as possible to set up your price quote!