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Chicago Water Pressure Boosters

The slow drizzle of water from a faucet can be quite annoying, especially when you need to rinse off dishes or even water the garden. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in many areas where the city water pressure is as low as 30 PSI. By the time this water supply is piped to the top of a two-story home, pressure can drop to 20 PSI—not nearly high enough to enjoy a hot shower! However, there is a solution. John Baethke & Son Plumbing installs and maintains pressure boosters that increase the water pressure in your home.

Chicago city regulations may require some buildings above a certain height to have a pressure booster. Our team can help you meet code with a booster large enough to handle the water supply demands of your building.

What Are Pressure Booster Systems?

Composed of a small water tank with vacuum pump, pressure booster systems are connected to your home's water supply. This pump forces water into a tank that is half filled with air until it reaches a minimum PSI level to improve water pressure. The tank refills as you use the taps in your home and the water is kept at this pressure. You'll never be without a steady, high-powered flow of water for the shower, sink, and garden hose.

John Baethke & Son Plumbing provides you with several benefits and services when you install a booster, including:

  • Evaluation: Our Chicago plumbers will meet with you to evaluate your personal preferences for the right amount of water pressure and minimum tank size requirements for your building.
  • Complete Installation: We'll handle both the plumbing and electrical work when installing your shower booster pump.
  • Helpful Advice: We'll show you how to keep the pressure booster in working order, explain maintenance needs, and answer any questions you have about your new pump.
  • Skilled Team: Each of our plumbers receives ongoing training, certification, and licensing to remain current on best plumbing practices.

Ask for a Price Estimate on Our Pressure Boosters

Installing a pressure booster is a project that requires expert knowledge of electrical and plumbing work. Make sure this new appliance is installed correctly with help from the licensed and certified Chicago plumbers at John Baethke & Son Plumbing. Give us a phone call or fill out our online form to ask for a price estimate on our pressure boosters.