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Chicago Commercial Water Leak Services

The sound of running water, an off-odor, or even visible water damage are all signs of a leak that can cost you extra money and slow down your business. Don't ignore a potential leak in your building because it can get worse over time. Baethke Plumbing will identify any leaks, repair pipes, and maintain them to keep your business operating smoothly without slow downs. Since 1993, we've been providing water leak services to local Chicago businesses. Our team is well-trained, and our reputation exceptional. We've even received the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics.

Commercial Water Leak Services

Water leak prevention is the best course of action to keep your plumbing in excellent order, especially when winter is around the corner. We recommend that business customers periodically get their plumbing checked, including all pipes, toilets, water tanks, and even the main sewer line. This allows us to stay on top of potential leaks before they become problems. When you do have a leak, our Chicago-area plumbers will perform a complete visual inspection of your property to track down the source. This may include sending a camera through certain areas of the plumbing, such as your main sewer line, to look for breaks. When we identify the leak, we'll quickly repair it and replace the piping, if necessary.

Baethke Plumbing also provides the following commercial water leak services and features:

  • Trained, Certified Plumbers
  • Environmentally Friendly Tools & Techniques
  • Name Brand Materials & Products
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling
  • Honest and Accurate Price Estimates

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When you suspect a water leak in your building, give Baethke Plumbing a call. Our licensed and certified Chicago commercial plumbers will quickly track down the leak and provide lasting solutions. If you prefer to have us call you, fill out our online form to request a price quote today!