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Chicago Plumbing Inspection

Code violations are something that most homeowners don’t like to think about. Whether you’re remodeling or living in an older home that needs some updates, we can help. We’re experts on Chicago remodel plumbing code corrections—and we make it a priority to keep up with ever-changing regulations. While you may not understand the reasoning for all the codes, there is a method to what seems like madness. Most codes are implemented for safety reasons and failure to follow them can lead to fines from the city as well as safety risks. Whether new work or old, we can fix any violations quickly and correctly.

Code Violation Corrections Experts

Every Chicago plumber on our team is certified, licensed, and insured. Plus, they go through regular training to stay on top of current codes. Common code violations include:

  • Not enough space between toilets and finished walls
  • Venting that doesn’t go directly outside
  • Insufficient number of sewer clean-outs
  • Improper drain pipe slope for preventing leaks and backflow
  • Incorrectly installed water heater pressure and temperature relief valves

Those are just a few of many code violation corrections we take care of every day. Don’t wait until the city learns of a violation or you experience a safety concern that could have been avoided. Should we come across a violation while performing another service, we’ll always take time to explain the issue and potential consequences. For issues big and small, you can trust our professional plumbing services.

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