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Chicago Main Sewer Line Repair

Like any other pipe, the main sewer line from your Chicago-area home can easily become clogged or damaged. However, when this 6-inch diameter pipe doesn't work, it can cause every drain in the house to back up! Thankfully, Baethke Plumbing has the tools and experience needed to provide efficient main sewer line repair. Our team of licensed and certified plumbers can identify damage in the main line and provide affordable options for repairing it. We've been fixing pipes since 1993, and earned an A+ Rating from the BBB for our efforts!

Reliable & Efficient Chicago Plumbers

A number of things can cause a main sewer line clog: overgrown tree roots, years of built-up grease and hair, or even mineral deposits from the city water supply. While other Chicago plumbers provide de-clogging services, only our team will completely clean out the clog to restore sewer pipes to their full diameter. Other companies usually only poke a hole in the clog that is wide enough to allow water drainage. Unfortunately, this hole is small and can easily plug up again. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an expert sewer line cleaning, including hydrojetting and progressive rod expansion.

We also repair and replace main sewer lines when the problem can't be fixed by cleaning. Our team can handle issues caused by:

  • Broken & Collapsed Pipes
  • Leaking Pipe Joints
  • Bellied Pipe Sections
  • Invasive Roots
  • Pipe Corrosion

When the pipe repair is completed, we'll send a video camera down the line to ensure that everything is working correctly. We'll also save and post this video to YouTube for you to review at your leisure.

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Baethke Plumbing understands that replacing or cleaning out the main sewer line is a big expense. Our team of licensed and certified Chicago plumbers do their best to provide you with a long-lasting and satisfactory result. If you are considering this service, please call one of our representatives to discuss your options. Or, you can request a price estimate for main sewer line repair through our online form!