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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

We arrived promptly to carry out the previously quoted work. Welcoming us warmly into the basement, the homeowner showed us the area where today's tasks were to take place. With meticulous care, we laid protective coverings for the floors before diving into our work.

Beginning by breaking ground around the old cleanout, we meticulously removed all debris from the site as we dug down to the damaged fitting. During our inspection of the line, we also addressed and removed some intrusive roots. Subsequently, we expertly rebuilt a proper cleanout fitting and seamlessly installed it. Rigorous testing revealed no concerns regarding leakage or pitch.

Ensuring the newly installed fitting was securely bedded with stone, we then backfilled the area with the same material. To finalize the installation, we poured a concrete layer to cap off the work. Following completion, we diligently cleaned all work areas, leaving them immaculate after the concrete was poured.

We extend our gratitude for your continued business. It has been a pleasure addressing your plumbing concerns, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to serve you.

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