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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the homeowner who expressed concern about the right side lavatory drain stopper in the primary bathroom, which was stuck closed. After a thorough inspection, we presented her with several options. She elected to attempt to seal and properly secure the existing pop-up drain assembly in an effort to restore function to the stopper, understanding that this repair would not carry a warranty as no new parts were used, and further work might be necessary in the future.

To begin, we meticulously protected the work area in the primary bathroom. Carefully removing the existing failed pop-up drain assembly, we cleaned the components and applied grease to the spring-loaded stopper, successfully restoring its function. After cleaning the sink mounting surface, we applied sealant and reinstalled the existing pop-up drain assembly, ensuring it was properly secured. We also applied sealant and reinstalled the drainage assembly. Thorough testing confirmed that the stopper assembly was functioning properly, and the sink was draining well with no leaks detected.

After completing the work, we cleaned the work area thoroughly and removed all tools. We briefed the homeowner on our work and findings, advising her that if the pop-up drainage assembly experienced any further issues, it would need to be replaced. We expressed our gratitude to her for inviting us into her home and allowing us to address her plumbing needs.

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