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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were graciously welcomed by the homeowner, where she shared concerns about a potential tub leak issue reported by the owner below. Alongside her father, she had attempted to address the problem by removing the existing tub drain, only to find a stubborn internal portion resisting removal. Upon inspection, we discovered the flange was entirely absent, with only a remaining male thread lodged in the drain opening.

After a thorough discussion and gathering input from the homeowner, we presented several solutions, among which option #2 was selected. To ensure a pristine work environment, we meticulously laid down tarps for protection. With precision and care, we successfully extracted the stubborn remainder of the drain and seamlessly installed a new tub drain trim head provided by the homeowner.

Following the installation, we meticulously tested the restored water flow and drainage system to guarantee proper functionality. Regrettably, due to constraints, we were unable to access the unit below today. Any further necessary work would be addressed separately to diagnose and resolve additional issues.

We extend our gratitude to the homeowner and her father for entrusting us with their plumbing needs today. It has been our pleasure to assist in completing this repair, contributing to a smoother tomorrow.

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