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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, the homeowner warmly invited us into her residence and expressed her desire to have two faucets installed, which she had personally acquired. After conducting a meticulous assessment of the existing plumbing and the faucets she had purchased, we identified that one of the faucets was missing vital components. We promptly brought this to the homeowner's attention and provided an alternative solution: a premium brass chrome-finished two-handle lavatory faucet. She chose to proceed with our suggested faucet.

Subsequently, following an in-depth discussion and the collection of necessary information, the homeowner opted to have her new Kohler faucet installed in the primary bathroom, while our recommended faucet was installed in the hall bathroom. To maintain a clean and secure work environment, we took precautionary measures by setting up protective tarps. We then proceeded to shut off the water supply using the existing emergency shut-off valves, disassembled the existing faucets, meticulously cleaned the fixture surfaces, and skillfully installed both new faucets. Our scope of work encompassed the assembly of water and drain lines, the restoration of water flow, and comprehensive testing. We ensured the homeowner had the opportunity to inspect our installations, guaranteeing their complete satisfaction with the results.

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