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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Today, we arrived to assess a malfunctioning disposal unit. Welcoming me at the door was the homeowner. Following a thorough conversation and a review of the appliance's history, it was established that we had originally installed this disposal in 2014. Though the disposal was receiving power, it was not functioning as expected. To gain further insight, we reached out to Insinkerator, and their representative informed me that the disposal's warranty had lapsed in 2020. I promptly conveyed this information to the homeowner, who made the decision to opt for a replacement.

We began the task by disconnecting the existing disposal and skillfully uninstalling it. Subsequently, we unboxed a new 3/4 hp Insinkerator and executed the installation process, which included wiring it for power. Once all connections were securely in place, we initiated a series of tests to ensure everything was functioning correctly. This involved checking the new disposal for power, running the faucet for an extended duration, and conducting multiple fill-and-dump cycles with no issues detected.

We then invited the homeowner to inspect and test the newly installed disposal to her satisfaction. With the job completed, we proceeded to tidy up my workspace and removed all tools, ensuring it was left in the same condition as when I arrived.

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