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Oak Park, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Today, we arrived to address a ceiling leak and were warmly welcomed by the homeowner. She shared that over the weekend, they had encountered a clogged toilet upstairs, which they managed to clear with a plunger. However, they subsequently noticed water on the floor in the adjacent bathroom, specifically around the toilet. We presented various solutions to address the issue, and they initially chose to proceed with a comprehensive leak investigation.

Our first step was to protect the surrounding area. We meticulously covered their cherished china cabinet and table with plastic tarps and laid down cloth tarps. To gain access for our inspections, we opened a section of the ceiling, allowing us to thoroughly examine all fixtures in the two upstairs bathrooms.

We initiated our testing in the hallway bathroom and proceeded to the guest bathroom. During our assessments, we noticed water escaping from the closet bend/closet flange when the toilet was flushed. Further investigation revealed that the closet flange had been altered, potentially causing a malfunction in the fitting and resulting in the leak. We promptly informed the homeowner of our findings and presented her with additional options.

Taking action, we carefully removed the existing toilet and the cast iron closet flange. Subsequently, we installed a new cast iron closet flange, ensuring its secure attachment. The existing toilet was reinstalled using new hardware to fasten it to the closet flange. Following the completion of all connections, we rigorously tested the toilet by flushing it repeatedly, and no issues were found.

We took the time to explain and show the homeowners the scope of our work and express our gratitude for their continued loyalty to Baethke Plumbing. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your trust in our services.

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