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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon my arrival today, we were warmly welcomed by the tenant, who then directed our attention to the kitchen sink. She pointed out that the sink drain was no longer attached and had developed a troublesome leak. Upon closer examination of the piping, it became evident that the drain outlet in the wall was positioned too high, contributing to the issue. Subsequently, we engaged in a discussion with the landlords, outlining the various available options. After careful consideration, they have chosen to proceed with the installation of a new drain assembly, fully acknowledging that it serves as an attempted solution with no warranty due to the incorrect drain elevation.

With precision and expertise, we proceeded to remove the old, problematic drain assembly and replaced it with a new, high-quality, low-inlet drain assembly designed for professional use. Every connection was meticulously secured, and a thorough testing process was undertaken, yielding no signs of leakage at this time. The landlords are fully aware that should any leaks resurface, additional drain repairs may be necessary. Upon the completion of the task, we made sure to leave the work areas impeccably clean and organized, ensuring that the space was left in a pristine condition.

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