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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

We arrived today to address an issue with a toilet that wasn't flushing properly. Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the homeowner, who kindly guided us to the bathroom where the toilet was situated. The toilet in question has been in use for approximately 20 years and had previously required a seal repair due to a leak. However, the current problem of improper flushing is a more recent concern.

After engaging in a detailed conversation with the homeowner, we presented her with various solutions. She opted for the option to have the toilet removed and resealed. Our first task was to carefully detach the toilet from the closet flange, ensuring that the water supply had been correctly turned off. We conducted a thorough examination of the toilet's integral P-trap and found no immediate issues. To further investigate the matter, we ran the water supply down the closet bend and also poured five-gallon buckets of water down the closet bend, but no issues were evident.

We then proceeded to install a new Sani Seal waxless seal and accompanying hardware to securely fasten the toilet to the closet flange. After ensuring that all connections were properly made, we tested the toilet, which unfortunately still did not produce a strong flush unless the lever was held down. We demonstrated this to Jackie, and we discussed potential solutions in greater detail.

At this point, the homeowner is considering the option of supplying a new toilet herself, but she plans to consult with her husband to confirm his preference regarding whether we should provide the toilet. Finally, I tidied up the workspace and packed away all my tools.

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