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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arriving at the customer's residence, it became evident that the powder room lavatory sink was experiencing a significant issue: there was no supply of hot or cold water to the faucet, and the drain was severely backed up. Following a thorough assessment, various solutions were presented, and the customer opted for option 5.

To address the drain blockage, we meticulously arranged a tarp and prepared the rodding machine, subsequently disassembling the P-trap to gain access to the drain for rodding. Despite our efforts, rodding proved ineffective, revealing that the drain line had also frozen. Regrettably, the PVC composition of the line rendered it impossible to thaw.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, especially given the sink's location in a corner of the home, the customer agreed to open the ceiling to allow warm air into the joist space, facilitating the thawing process.

Moving swiftly, we deployed the thawing machine to tackle the hot side of the faucet first, successfully restoring functionality. With equal diligence, we then addressed the cold side, ensuring both hot and cold water were flowing seamlessly from the faucet. It was strongly advised to proceed with opening up the ceiling to expedite the thawing of the frozen drain line.

Upon completion of the necessary tasks, we meticulously tidied the work area, leaving it in a pristine condition. As a gesture for ongoing maintenance, we provided the customer with a bottle of Total C for future drain treatment, ensuring the continued smooth operation of their plumbing system.

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