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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon our arrival, the homeowners warmly welcomed us into their home to carry out the scheduled work. To begin, we diligently prepared the bathroom by protecting the work area. With care, we proceeded to turn off the water supply to the toilet and removed the water supply tube. After draining all water from the tank and bowl, we carefully removed the toilet, disposing of it properly.

Following this, we meticulously cleaned the existing toilet flange and the floor beneath it. Upon inspection, we noticed that the existing toilet flange was positioned too high. We advised them on the necessity of installing a new toilet flange at the appropriate height for a proper installation, and they elected to proceed accordingly.

With precision, we proceeded to cut out the existing toilet flange and trimmed the tile around the piping to accommodate the new flange. Utilizing solvent welding, we securely affixed the new toilet flange in place and installed new closet bolts along with a neoprene seal. The new toilet was then carefully positioned and secured.

Subsequently, we installed the customer-supplied bidet seat, ensuring all connections were made correctly. Additionally, we replaced the water supply tube and restored water to the toilet. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure both the toilet and bidet seat functioned flawlessly, confirming their proper operation to the homeowners satisfaction.

Upon completion of the tasks, we meticulously cleaned the work area and removed all tools. We briefed the homeowners on our work and findings, also advising them that the power cord for the bidet seat was shorter than ideal, recommending the services of a qualified electrician to install an outlet for the bidet seat.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the family for inviting us into their home and entrusting us with their plumbing needs. It has been our pleasure to serve you.

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