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Evanston, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, the homeowner directed us to the outdoor spigot in question, outlining his aspirations for improvement. Additionally, he brought to our attention the malfunctioning main valve preceding the water meter, coupled with the leakage observed in the one succeeding it. After laying out various options, he opted for option 6, which involved the installation of the isolation valve for the outdoor spigot, deferring the main valve replacement to the upcoming spring season.

Following the successful installation of the isolation valve, water supply to the home was restored, and meticulous checks were conducted to ensure no leaks were present.

In addition to the isolation valve installation. As a final touch, we familiarized the homeowners with the location of the newly installed valve and reinstated the insulation, leaving their plumbing system fortified and primed for optimal performance.

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