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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we had the pleasure of meeting with the office manager, who promptly directed our attention to the issue at hand: a backed-up toilet and floor drain in the rear powder room. After conducting thorough tests and observing water flow, it became apparent that the sewer line was indeed obstructed. In response, we presented the office with various options to address the issue, and they elected to proceed with rodding and camera inspection of the sewer line.

To facilitate access for rodding, we carefully removed the toilet and meticulously prepared the workspace with tarps and the necessary rodding equipment. As we commenced rodding, we encountered an initial breakthrough in the sewer line within the first 30 feet. Continuing the rodding process while simultaneously running water, we gradually cleared the obstruction.

Following rodding, we transitioned to a camera inspection, which revealed significant accumulation of sludge and paper, as well as scale buildup within the pipe. However, due to the debris hindering a clear assessment of the pipe's integrity, we proposed hydrojetting as a solution. They agreed to proceed with this course of action.

Preparation for hydrojetting ensued, and we meticulously cleaned away the sludge and scale buildup using high-pressure water jets. Throughout the process, we employed the camera multiple times to monitor progress and ensure thorough cleaning. Eventually, all scale and debris were successfully washed away, revealing that the piping was in excellent condition and did not require replacement.

With the equipment retrieved and the toilet reset, we proceeded to tidy the workspace diligently. After conducting a final test to confirm proper flushing of the toilet, we advised them to consider avoiding paper towels and wipes in the bathroom and opt for single-ply paper instead to prevent future blockages.

In conclusion, we expressed gratitude to the medical office for choosing Baethke Plumbing for their plumbing needs, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in service delivery.

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