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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we had the pleasure of meeting the homeowner, who promptly informed us of the pressing issue at hand: his 40-gallon water heater had sprung a leak, causing damage to the unit below. Notably, the existing heater had served faithfully for over 20 years, but he expressed concerns raised by his daughters regarding the prolonged wait for hot water.

In response to the families needs, we presented a range of options, among which he chose option 4. This comprehensive solution entailed an upgrade to a more robust 50-gallon water heater, complete with an expansion tank and a drain-down pan for added protection.

Proceeding with the installation, we commenced by meticulously shutting down the existing system and draining the water heater. With precision and care, we then removed and responsibly disposed of the old unit. Setting the groundwork for the new installation, we positioned the drain-down pan in its designated spot before carefully maneuvering the high-quality 50-gallon water heater into place.

Ensuring every detail met the highest standards, we proceeded to install a new isolation valve dedicated to the water heater, along with the necessary expansion tank and meticulously crafted type L copper piping. To safeguard against future mishaps, we expertly piped the drain-down pan and T&P valve into the floor drain, leaving no aspect of the installation overlooked.

With all connections securely in place, we conducted thorough testing to confirm the seamless functionality of the newly installed system. Upon verifying its flawless operation, we took the time to meticulously clean my work area, leaving the home as pristine as we found it. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve, we thanked the family for entrusting us with the task of restoring comfort and reliability to their hot water supply.

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