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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we met with with the homeowner who pointed out a persistent issue with the lavatory drain piping that was continually leaking. Additionally, he highlighted a running toilet in the same bathroom and a faucet in another bathroom, where the hot valve was turned off due to a continuous leak in the hot side of the lavatory two-handle faucet.

After discussing various options with him, he opted for option 5. We promptly set up our work area beneath the lavatory sink cabinet, removing all tubular piping. Notably, we observed that a shelf was obstructing the vertical drain from the sink's drain assembly. To address this,weI skillfully cut a section of the shelf to ensure proper alignment of the piping.

Subsequently, we replaced all tubular piping from the drain assembly to the tie-in point at the wall. Rigorous testing followed, ensuring there were no leaks once the work was completed. Moving on to the Mansfield toilet, we removed the water measuring device and tank seal, replacing them with new components, including a new supply hose. Thorough testing and adjustments were made to guarantee optimal water level and flawless operation.

In the other bathroom, we efficiently removed the handles of the two-handle faucet, replacing both hot and cold internal components. After testing for leaks and functionality, we reinstalled the trim handles. As a final touch, we cleaned up all our work areas and responsibly disposed of old parts. Thank you for entrusting Baethke Plumbing with your plumbing needs!

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