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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were cordially welcomed by the homeowner, who expressed concerns about hot water issues and a desire for a new water heater. Upon inspection, we noted that the aging galvanized piping throughout his residence could be contributing to pressure and temperature irregularities.

In our discussion, he revealed a history of persistent problems with the existing water heater and a strong preference for a replacement. We presented him with comprehensive options, including choices with or without flood prevention and an expansion tank add-on. He opted for option 2, which entailed a new water heater complete with our 1-year parts and labor, along with a maintenance warranty.

Given the presence of older galvanized piping, we transparently explained the potential for sediment buildup during our work, which could lead to subsequent issues. Despite understanding the associated risk, the homeowner chose to proceed with our services. To initiate the process, we utilized the existing gate valve in the basement to shut off the water, followed by draining the system. Subsequently, we expertly removed and disposed of the outdated 40-gallon water heater.

The installation phase involved seamlessly connecting our new 50-gallon atmospheric water heater to the existing galvanized system using a combination of brass and copper components. Additionally, we incorporated a new 1/4 turn isolation ball valve specifically for the water heater. Rigorous testing ensued, revealing no issues, and we guided the owner through a thorough inspection of each fixture throughout his home. He confirmed that the pressure was now back to normal.

Wrapping up the service, we meticulously cleaned the work area, ensuring it was left in impeccable condition. Expressing our gratitude, we thanked him for entrusting us with the opportunity to address his plumbing needs.

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