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River Forest, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the homeowner, who explained his attempt to replace the widespread faucet in his main-floor powder room. Unfortunately, the existing faucet proved stubborn due to severe corrosion, complicating the removal process. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the hot water side exhibited lower pressure than the cold water side, a detail we promptly shared with him.

In light of the corrosion issue, we informed him that the existing pedestal sink needed to be temporarily removed from the wall to facilitate the removal of the old faucet. After presenting him with various options, he elected to proceed with replacing the faucet he had purchased himself, understanding that customer-supplied fixtures aren't covered by our warranty.

To initiate the replacement process, we began by shutting off the water using the existing valves. Subsequently, we carefully removed both the drain and the pedestal sink from the wall. With the space cleared, we skillfully installed the new widespread faucet provided by the owner. Additionally, as a gesture of goodwill, we replaced the corroded chrome drain with a PVC alternative. To ensure a thorough job, we applied sealant, which requires 24 hours to dry.

During testing, it became apparent that the hot water side still experienced lower pressure compared to the cold side. We promptly communicated this to the homeowner and presented him with options to address the pressure issue. However, he decided to defer any additional work on the pressure matter for the time being.

Upon completion of the faucet replacement and related tasks, we meticulously cleaned the work area, leaving it in pristine condition. Before departing, we expressed gratitude to the homeowners for choosing our services and allowing us to address his plumbing needs.

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