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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, the homeowner warmly welcomed us and escorted us to his residence, where he directed us to his master bathroom. He explained that his neighbor residing downstairs had reported water spots on her ceiling directly below. We conducted a thorough examination of the master bathroom for any apparent causes and subsequently divided our efforts, with one of us heading to Unit 201 to investigate further.

While in the master bathroom, we flushed the toilet, and our technician below immediately detected the sound of dripping water emanating from the ceiling above. After discussing potential solutions, the homeowner chose to proceed with pulling and resetting the toilet as the initial step.

Following the removal of the toilet, we discovered the presence of water beneath it, along with a broken wax seal. We diligently cleaned the flange, installed new bolts, and replaced the wax seal with a waxless variant. The toilet was then carefully reset, and we installed a new braided steel supply line.

Upon restoring water supply, we performed multiple flush tests and listened for any signs of water below, and fortunately, no issues were detected. This time, we meticulously applied caulking in a proper half-horseshoe method. After ensuring the work area was clean and all equipment was properly stowed, we reviewed the completed tasks and discussed them with the homeowner. With his satisfaction and no further inquiries, we obtained the remaining signatures and concluded our work for the day.

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