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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Today's visit was centered around addressing the homeowners water heater issues. Upon inspection, we identified multiple active leaks and noted the absence of a floor drain in the mechanical room. We presented her with comprehensive solutions, encompassing a full replacement, expansion tank addition, installation of a drain pan, and raising the water heater's height for future drainage, safeguarding neighboring units from potential damage.

After discussing the options, she opted for the straightforward yet effective Option 1. This entailed the removal of the existing water heater, followed by the installation of a new 40-gallon atmospheric water heater. Although this option lacked flood protection, it came with our standard 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Our process commenced with draining the water heater and disconnecting it from the gas, vent, and water systems. The existing unit was responsibly disposed of, and the area was meticulously cleaned. The new water heater was then installed, with all connections expertly secured. Rigorous testing ensued, revealing no issues. Before concluding, we ensured our work area was spotless and extended our gratitude to the homeowner for entrusting us with today's service.

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