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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

When we arrived today, we were welcomed by the homeowner. We were led to the first-floor bathroom where a ceiling leak had occurred. Upon inspection, we also discovered water around the base of the toilet on the second floor. While examining both the bathroom and the kitchen, it became evident that the lavatory faucet was leaking, and the kitchen drain piping wasn't properly installed. We discussed these findings with the homeowner and presented various solutions. She decided to proceed by removing the toilet and replacing the bowl seal.

To protect the area, we placed protective cloths on the floor before proceeding with the toilet removal. After removing the toilet, we found that the wax seal had failed, causing the water leak. We removed the old wax and the previous mounting hardware and replaced them with new mounting hardware and a fresh sani seal bowl seal. After thoroughly cleaning the area around the toilet, we securely reinstalled it. Subsequently, we conducted a comprehensive leak test, which revealed no issues. We also placed shims around the toilet to provide additional support and sealed the base. Once the task was completed, we cleaned up all work areas.

As a gesture of goodwill, we inspected her first-floor toilet to address the issue of the tank handle getting stuck. We adjusted the chain for the tank seal, allowing the toilet to flush properly. 

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