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Skokie, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were invited into the building by one of the employees, who promptly guided us to the women's bathroom. He conscientiously explained the persisting drainage issues with the toilets.

We initiated the assessment by attempting to flush one of the toilets, only to witness the water refusing to drain properly from the bowl. 

The task commenced with the systematic removal of the existing toilet, its associated hardware, and the sealing material. Once these components were safely disengaged, we skillfully set up our equipment and proceeded to power rod the clogged line. This intervention successfully facilitated the drainage, and we retrieved significant accumulations of toilet paper in the process. As a solution to enhance drainage flow, we recommended the installation of a power flush toilet, identical to the one located in the adjacent stall on the left. However, they chose not to proceed with the replacement at this time.

We then proceeded to install a new wax-free toilet seal, along with fresh hardware, securely positioning the toilet back in its place. A precise application of sealant around the base of the toilet was the final touch, with the sealant requiring a 24-hour drying period for optimal performance.

To conclude, we diligently tidied our work area and extended our sincere gratitude to them for entrusting us with the service today. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and address these plumbing concerns.

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