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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Our services encompass the replacement of the existing 3/4" failing hot water control valve and the 1" cold water control valve situated above the laundry area. The execution of this task necessitates the temporary shutdown of the building riser, a procedure to be meticulously coordinated and scheduled in collaboration with the building staff.

As a complementary measure, we will integrate hot and cold water sediment filters into the plumbing system. These filters are designed to safeguard the fixtures and faucets from potential disruption caused by debris within the building's water lines during riser shutdowns.

Upon our return to fulfill the previously quoted work, we took meticulous steps to safeguard the work area by setting up protective tarps. This precaution was taken with the gracious permission of the unit owner and the building management. It is essential to understand that we assume no liability for the pre-existing condition of the building's piping, valves, or equipment.

Our process involved shutting down the water supply valves serving his tier, followed by the proper drainage of the riser. We then executed the disconnection, removal, and replacement of his unit's water isolation supply valves, enhancing them with new debris filters. Following these upgrades, water flow was restored, and rigorous testing was conducted to ensure optimal functionality.

To ensure clarity, we explained our completed work to him, showcasing the new valves and piping. We deeply appreciate your patience and trust in allowing us to address your plumbing concerns, and we eagerly anticipate any future opportunity to serve your needs.

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