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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, the homeowner warmly welcomed us into her home and directed us to the first-floor bathroom where we encountered an issue with the in-wall Gerberit toilet, which was continuously running. After a thorough examination, we presented her with various options to address the problem, and she decided to proceed with a repair today.

We commenced by conducting a diagnostic assessment of the Geberit wall-hung toilet to identify the root cause of its nonstop running. It became evident that the water flow was unchecked due to a malfunctioning water measuring device. As part of her selected solution, we made minor adjustments to the existing internal components of the in-wall toilet tank in an effort to rectify this continuous running.

We carefully removed the access plates, allowing us the ability to gain access to the malfunctioning water measuring device. We then skillfully manipulated the adjustment screw and fine-tuned the device's height setting. Once the adjustments were made, the water measuring device functioned flawlessly, ensuring the tank filled to the appropriate level. We skillfully reassembled the access plates, tested the toilet multiple times, and confirmed that it now flushed effectively and ceased filling at the right level.

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