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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we initiated our conversation with the homeowner, assuring her of our commitment to complete the hydro jetting of her sewer through the 6” outside cleanout located just south of her porch. Graciously, she granted us access to the side of her home through the gate, facilitating the connection of our equipment to her hosebib.

After setting up all the necessary equipment and ensuring it was filling correctly, we proceeded with a meticulous fiber optic sewer inspection. Our primary goal was to pinpoint the precise locations of root intrusions within the sewer line. Once we identified these areas, we extended our jetter out to the main sewer line, utilizing the reaper root head. We carefully retracted it and conducted another thorough inspection to assess the trouble spots.

With the problematic locations identified, we strategically employed both camera and jetter to delicately eliminate the root intrusions, addressing each one systematically. During this process, as we moved beyond the primary root blockages, we discovered a break at both ends of a 5-foot section of clay pipe. Recognizing the significance of this discovery, we immediately ceased our sewer cleaning operations and documented our findings.

To ensure a seamless progression, we are planning to proceed with the PDP (Private Drain Program) process, coordinating with the city. Once we have contacted the city and arranged for an inspection with their representative present, we will continue our work. This final step will involve a return visit to inspect the sewer with the city of Chicago inspector in attendance.

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