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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Today, we arrived at the residence and were warmly welcomed by the homeowner. She graciously showed us to their bathroom and described the persistent issue they'd been experiencing with the shower continually running for brief periods. Following a thoughtful conversation and a thorough troubleshooting session, we presented them with several potential solutions.

After considering their options, they decided to proceed with identifying and ultimately replacing the troublesome cartridge.

After returning with the new cartridge, the homeowner guided us to the basement to locate the building's shut-off valve. We carefully closed the ball valve and released pressure at the laundry tub. Next, we proceeded to remove the trim surrounding the tub shower valve, extracting the old cartridge. The interior of the valve required a thorough cleaning due to seized gaskets. Once this was complete, we expertly installed the new Kohler cartridge.

With the new cartridge in place, we restored water flow to the building, and any remaining air was bled out at the laundry tub. we meticulously examined the functionality and checked for any signs of leaks at the newly installed cartridge. Finding everything in perfect order and free from leaks, we reattached the trim and applied a water-tight silicone seal.

We took a moment to tidy up our work area, and we reviewed every detail with the homeowner. We thanked her for allowing us to help with their plumbing needs today.

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