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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the homeowners, who graciously invited us into their home. Commencing the task we were there to perform, we promptly shut off the water supply to the residence, initiating the process of replacing the antiquated galvanized water feeds connected to the old concrete laundry tub.

With precision and care, we relocated the laundry sink and dismantled the tub, methodically removing it in manageable pieces and disposing of them in trash bags. Following this, we proceeded to eliminate a 15-foot segment of the cold water coil pipe, securely capping the feed near the hot water tank.

Next, we skillfully installed a new cold water feed adjacent to the washer machine, facilitating the connection for the laundry sink. Simultaneously, we expertly excised a section of the laundry and kitchen sink stack, replacing it with a durable PVC alternative, complete with a dedicated waste arm for the laundry sink.

The meticulous repiping extended to the hot and cold water feeds, seamlessly integrated into the new faucet assembly. Completing the transformation, we installed a pristine single-bowl laundry sink, complemented by a sleek new faucet and a meticulously fitted p-trap.

With the task at hand accomplished, we systematically restored water flow to the residence, conducting a series of rigorous tests to ensure optimal functionality. Satisfied with the results, we meticulously tidied the work area, leaving it as immaculate as when we arrived.

In bidding farewell, we expressed heartfelt gratitude to the homeowners for entrusting us with their plumbing needs, appreciating the opportunity to enhance their home.

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