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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Today, upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the homeowner. She led us to her basement, where we found a water heater installed in 2011. Concerned about its condition, both she and her husband sought options for replacement. During our inspection, we noted that their ejector pump had been installed in 2019, while the sump pump dated back to 2015. After relaying our findings to her, we presented various replacement options.

Following discussions, the homeowners opted to replace the water heater, incorporating a safety pan and automatic water shut-off feature. Additionally, they chose to upgrade their sump pump to our PSC-50 system. Upon receiving approval, we commenced work.

To maintain a clean work environment, we laid protective floor coverings before draining the water heater. Once drained, we removed and responsibly disposed of the old unit. Simultaneously, we removed the outdated sump pump. Introducing a new Bradford White 75-gallon water heater, we ensured its placement within the safety pan and installed the automatic water shut-off system for added security.

Upon completing all necessary connections, we restored water flow to the home. Subsequently, we focused on replacing the sump pump, installing the PSC-50 unit into the basin and connecting it to the appropriate switches and backup systems. Following installation, we rigorously tested the system to ensure seamless functionality, encountering no issues.

After clearing our equipment and meticulously cleaning the work area, we concluded the project with satisfaction.

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