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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the homeowner as we prepared to undertake the scheduled work. Our first task was to safeguard the basement mechanical room, ensuring the protection of the work area. With precision, we shut off the water supply to the home and meticulously drained the system.

Next, we expertly removed the existing booster system along with the inlet and discharge piping. Introducing new, full-sized 1 1/2” copper piping, we meticulously repiped the bypass valves and seamlessly installed the new variable-speed booster system. Upon restoring water flow to the home, we primed the pump and meticulously made the necessary electrical connections before restoring power to the booster system.

Taking the family's best interests into consideration, we set the pressure to a safe and efficient 80 psi, advising against any higher setting. Upon thorough testing, we confirmed the flawless functionality of the system, encountering no issues.

Completing our work with care, we diligently cleaned the work area and efficiently removed all tools. We then briefed the family on our work and shared our findings. We extend our gratitude for the opportunity to serve their plumbing needs and for welcoming us into their home.

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