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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

We returned today to complete the installation of one new 4” upright sewage removal pump on left side, motor, and proper upgraded electrical supply from panel, new duplex alternating control panel to replace existing inadequate panel in same location, and proper switch wiring to each pump. Includes all work by licensed and insured plumbers and electricians. New pump shall be 4” upright discharge pump, suitable for 5’ basin depth, 3h.p., 3 phase, 208 volts. The existing right side pump to remain as is. This pump system is designed to process kitchen waste material only. Includes five gallon refill Total C degreaser solution to connect to existing dispenser in basement kitchen near dish machine. Includes catch basin maintenance pit cleaning once per four months for one year

We removed the old pump lid, the existing 2” waste removal pump, and the bricks that were elevating the pump. We set the new 4” upright sewage removal pump in place and secured the motor and the electrical wiring. We installed new sections of copper drainage piping and secured all connections. Upon completion, we tested the pump several times and also ensured the pumps properly alternate. We cleaned all work areas and hauled away all tools and debris.

In the basement kitchen, we supplied and installed a new 5 gallon refill of Total C degreaser solution and connected to the existing dispenser. I reset the internal timer and also tested for proper operation. No issues were found.

Pump #1 on right hand side is still making noise when running. We did take a visual look at the motor and the intake of  the pump, but no visual anomalies were seen. Further diagnostics would be required and may require being sent in for service.

We thank you for allowing us to service your restaurant and for your trust in our company. 

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