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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024
Project Cost: $1,000,000+

Project Description

Upon arrival, we met with the homeowner, who directed our attention to the basement floor drain, where sewage was backing up and holding water. Following a thorough assessment of the situation, we presented the family with several options to address the issue. After careful consideration, they opted for option 3, which involved power rodding the main sewer to clear the blockage and conducting a camera inspection of the line.

To access the main sewer, we needed to break and remove the original brass plug on the cast iron cleanout tee on the stack. Once this obstacle was cleared, we set up a tarp and our power rodding machine, commencing the rodding process from the cleanout. As we progressed, we observed water held within the pipe, which gradually dissipated as we rodded approximately 45 feet out. Following this, we deployed the camera to inspect the obstruction, revealing three sections of roots hindering the flow.

After removing the camera and continuing the rodding process to the city main, we conducted a comprehensive camera inspection, confirming that the rodding job effectively cleared away all present roots. The homeowner joined us to watch the camera inspection, and we provided him with a recorded copy for his records.

Upon completion of the camera inspection, we loaded up all equipment and diligently cleaned the work area. Additionally, we installed a new 3 1/2-inch brass plug on the cleanout tee. To ensure the effectiveness of the repair, the homeowner flushed the system multiple times, confirming that the sewer was now open and flowing freely without obstruction.

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