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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the homeowners, who expressed their desire for a new, taller toilet. After a thorough inspection, we presented them with several options. They ultimately decided to proceed with the installation of a new comfort height elongated bowl toilet, complete with an extended 4-year warranty, along with the renewal of their Maintenance Agreement including water heater maintenance.

We began the installation process by meticulously protecting the work area in the 2nd-floor bathroom. After shutting off the water supply to the toilet, we proceeded to remove the water supply tube and drained all water from the tank and bowl. Subsequently, we carefully removed the old toilet, disposing of it properly.

Upon further examination, we discovered that the existing toilet flange was damaged and unable to securely hold the toilet in place. Upon the homeowners decision, we removed the failed toilet flange and installed a new one, ensuring proper installation and security. After cutting the existing flange from the piping and disposing of it, we cleaned and prepared the existing piping before solvent welding the new toilet flange in place and securing it to the subfloor.

With the new flange in place, we installed new closet bolts and a neoprene seal before setting the new toilet in its place and securing it properly. Additionally, we installed a new water supply tube and restored water to the toilet. Thorough testing was conducted to ensure the toilet operated as expected, and we confirmed its proper functionality.

After completing the installation, we meticulously cleaned the work area and removed all tools. We then briefed the homeowners on the work performed and our findings, expressing our gratitude for the opportunity to serve their plumbing needs in their home.

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