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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we obtained access to the unit by retrieving the key from the lockbox. Once inside, we carefully assessed the situation and assembled a few options for the stores consideration. Upon reaching the manager she opted to proceed solely with the grease trap cleaning for today.

With her approval granted, we diligently set up a tarp in our designated work area and proceeded to remove the lid from the grease trap. Utilizing our wet vac, we meticulously extracted all grease, water, and debris from the trap, ensuring thorough cleaning. Additionally, we removed the grate and meticulously cleaned it before reinstalling.

Once the grease trap was impeccably cleaned, we reinstalled the grate and secured the lid back in place. Ensuring no trace of grease, water, or debris remained, we promptly disposed of all waste materials. Finally, we meticulously cleaned our work area, leaving it spotless upon completion of the task.

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