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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, we were warmly received by the homeowners, who provided specific instructions regarding the desired height and width for the installation of the gas lamps. With these details in mind, we began by meticulously preparing the work area both outside and inside the garage.

To ensure a safe work environment, we promptly shut off the gas supply to the garage. Our next step involved the installation of a branch fitting and the necessary new gas pipes on each side of the garage door. This required precision drilling through to the exterior to establish the gas supply connection for the gas lamps.

Once the groundwork was in place, we expertly secured the brackets for the gas lamps, ensuring their stability. We proceeded to install the gas lamps and made the appropriate gas connections, taking great care to seal any penetrations through the brick exterior.

Upon completion of these tasks, we carefully restored the gas supply to the garage, meticulously verifying the absence of any gas leaks. To conclude, we conducted comprehensive tests on the gas lamps, confirming their proper functionality. With the project successfully executed, we left the work area spotless and removed all tools and equipment.

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