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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the homeowner. They informed me that they had been experiencing reduced water pressure when multiple fixtures were in use. Upon investigation, I noted the presence of a carbon water filter with a sediment pre-filter. These filters had not been replaced or maintained since 2019. Further examination revealed that the carbon filter was set to bypass mode.  During a visual inspection of the plumbing system, we observed the water filter had exceeded its recommended usage and that the second-floor bathtub drained slowly. I presented multiple solutions to address these issues, and the homeowners chose to proceed with replacing the water filter, reopening the bypass valves on the carbon filter, and power cleaning the tub drain. 

Starting in the basement, we removed the old water filter and skillfully installed a new, manufacturer-specific sediment filter, securing it firmly in place. We then reopened the bypass valves and flushed water through the filter to ensure proper functionality.

Moving to the second floor, we carefully removed the overflow cover and performed a thorough power cleaning of the drain line, removing a substantial amount of hair and debris that had accumulated over time. After this intervention, I tested the drain and confirmed that it was now flowing smoothly. 

Upon completing the necessary work, I diligently cleaned all work areas, leaving them in pristine condition.

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