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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Today, we responded promptly to a call about a clogged sink at a residence. Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the homeowners, who guided us to the problematic sink. They had a few concerns they wanted us to address. Engaging in a conversation with them, we listened attentively to their needs and preferences.

After our discussion, we presented the homeowners with several effective options to tackle the clogged sink. Understanding their urgency, we swiftly set up our advanced medium-sized drain cleaning machine, ensuring we had the necessary power to efficiently clean the kitchen drain.

Utilizing our expertise, we power cleaned the drain meticulously. Upon retrieving our cables, we made a surprising discovery – heavy accumulations of grease. We took the time to show these findings to the homeowners, emphasizing the importance of avoiding pouring grease down the drain to prevent future blockages.

To validate our work, we thoroughly tested the sink. We ran the kitchen faucet on both sides of the double bowl sink and individually filled each side. Delighted to report, the sink is now draining smoothly, resolving the initial issue entirely.

In an effort to promote long-term maintenance, we provided the homeowners with a bottle of our Total C Drain Maintenance product. We took the opportunity to explain its proper usage, ensuring they could maintain the integrity of their drains effectively.

Before leaving, we ensured our work area was spotless, leaving no trace of our intervention. We packed up all our tools, leaving the homeowners with a fully functional, clean sink, and the knowledge to maintain it properly in the future. Another successful resolution, ensuring the homeowners' satisfaction and the optimal functionality of their kitchen sink.

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