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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our arrival, the homeowner warmly welcomed us as we commenced our work. Our process began by carefully removing the access panel boards on the deck, revealing the catch basin beneath. We proceeded to lift the catch basin lid and prepare our power cleaning equipment for operation.

Using our powerful equipment, we performed a thorough power cleaning of the catch basin inlet, effectively removing tree roots from the horizontal run. Following this, we conducted a video inspection of the catch basin inlet line, confirming that the horizontal section was clear and unobstructed.

Subsequently, we accessed the line from the cleanout located beneath the laundry sink and performed another video inspection, revealing the presence of tree roots in the vertical piping. To address this issue, we conducted multiple power cleaning sessions, successfully eliminating as many tree roots as possible. While the line is now open and draining effectively, some residual buildup from the tree roots remains on the top wall of the piping.

Continuing our inspection, we extended our video examination to the main waste removal line leading from the catch basin. Here, we encountered a severe root blockage, which required several rounds of power cleaning with various cutting attachments. We are pleased to report that we successfully removed this tree root obstruction.

After thoroughly inspecting the main line from the catch basin to the street, we confirmed that it is now open and draining efficiently, with the piping in good condition. Additionally, we took the opportunity to pump out the contents of the catch basin, eliminating all solids and ensuring its cleanliness for ongoing maintenance.

With the catch basin lid securely reinstalled and the deck boards back in place, we meticulously cleaned the work areas, removing all tools and equipment. We provide the homeowner with a detailed overview of our work and our findings.

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