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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

We revisited this project to address several essential tasks, which included the removal of both the lavatory sink and toilet, as well as a section of drywall in the wall dividing the bathroom and kitchen. Additionally, we were tasked with installing a new vertical kitchen drain that extended from the kitchen down to the basement.

After successfully removing the lavatory sink and toilet, we proceeded to carefully cut away a section of drywall, exposing the underlying piping concealed within the wall. During our inspection, we noted that the emergency water shut-off valves for the lavatory sink were not functioning as they should. We promptly communicated this discovery to the homeowner and offered a solution: the installation of new emergency water shut-off valves. To facilitate this process, we first shut off the water supply to the entire home and drained the water supply piping. Then, we removed the old valves that serviced the lavatory faucet and toilet, replacing them with professional-grade quarter-turn emergency shut-off valves. Following this installation, we restored the water supply to the home and conducted meticulous leak testing, confirming the absence of any issues.

Our attention then turned to the kitchen area, where we removed all the drain piping from beneath the kitchen sink and extracted the vertical kitchen drain that extended from the sink down to the lowest connection point in the basement. Subsequently, we conducted a comprehensive fiber optic video inspection of the kitchen drain, checking for any obstructions. Fortunately, no impediments were found. With this task accomplished, we proceeded to install a new PVC vertical kitchen drain, seamlessly connecting it to the existing vent piping. To complete the job under the kitchen sink, we installed a new drain assembly and ensured a secure dishwasher connection. A rigorous test of the kitchen sink confirmed that everything was functioning smoothly and without any issues.

As the next step, we plan to return, coordinating with HVAC technicians who will remove a section of ductwork. This will allow us the necessary access to the sanitary drain to complete the project. Rest assured, we left no mess behind, ensuring that all work areas were thoroughly cleaned and tidied​

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