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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Upon our return, we commenced the process by setting up the necessary equipment, including the jetting machine. Our initial step involved opening access to the catch basin and jetting out towards the city street. Subsequently, after retracting, we directed the jetter into the inlet leading back into the house. Following this procedure, we conducted a comprehensive inspection using a camera in both directions and confirmed that the lines were now clear.

However, a challenge emerged when we identified that the blocked laundry and kitchen drain line was part of a branch accessible only from the catch basin itself. To address this issue, we skillfully cut access inside at the T-junction where the laundry and kitchen pipes intersected before going into the ground. We employed a rodder and a jetter to dislodge the sludge, propelling it into the basin and eventually out into the street. Afterward, we ran water down the line to flush out any remaining debris.

With the blockage removed, we proceeded to repipe the section using PVC materials. To ensure the effectiveness of our work, we tested the drainage by running water at the kitchen sink and the laundry, which resulted in perfect drainage without any leaks.

However, our efforts to power clean the first-floor tub encountered challenges due to improper piping, notably the absence of a p-trap, and galvanized pipes that were inaccessible from above. The same issue applied to the lavatory sink, which had been improperly installed into the wall. While we managed to make some improvements to the first-floor bathroom drain, it was not a substantial enhancement. As a last resort, we treated it with drain conditioner and provided the homeowner with quotes for a permanent fix, addressing other concerns he had raised.

Before departing, we ensured that our work area was immaculate and hauled away our equipment. With the laundry and kitchen drains now functioning properly, and the bathroom situation no worse, the homeowner expressed his gratitude for the work performed.

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