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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the homeowner. She explained that the home's alarm system had alerted her to high water levels in the sump pump, and she also mentioned issues with flushing the second-floor toilet. Upon investigation, we confirmed that the existing sump pump had completely failed. Additionally, we found that the toilet handle and tank seal had corroded.

We shared our findings with the homeowner and presented her with several solutions. She chose option 4B, which included installing a new battery backup sump pump, a new ejector pump, a minor rebuild of the second-floor toilet, and our maintenance agreement that provides value rate pricing and an optional preventive maintenance inspection for up to three bathrooms.

We began in the basement by removing the existing sump and ejector pumps. After confirming that the pits were clear of debris, we installed the new battery backup sump pump and the new ejector pump, complete with a new silent check valve. Once all connections were secured, we tested the system and found no issues.

Next, we went to the second floor and performed a minor rebuild on the toilet. After completing the work, we tested the toilet to ensure it was functioning properly, and no issues were found. We then showed the homeowner all the work performed today, and once she was satisfied, we cleaned up each work area. Finally, we thanked her for choosing Baethke Plumbing for her service needs.

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