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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival we were greeted by the homeowner. He explained to us the drainage issues he was having in the basement. During investigation, we discovered incorrect pump installation. Shared our findings with the homeowner and he shared with us his brother in law installed the pumps. We then presented solutions. He elected option 2 which includes video inspection and power cleaning of line. Removed lid and put camera Inside of inlet pipe, saw a large amount of debris causing a blockage. Power cleaned line and cleared blockage. Performed high volume dump load test and confirmed line is now clear. Attempted to video inspect again but due to wye fitting being in drain line, video inspecting entire line from inlet piping was not possible. Presented additional options to video inspect from toilet and/or install of power flush toilet to ensure sewage gets to pit. He elected for no additional work to be performed. Lastly, we cleaned our work area and thanked the homeowner for allowing us at Baethke Plumbing to perform service today.

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