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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

We were greeted by the homeowner upon arrival and he stated that he observed the southwest downspout backing up during the recent storms. After inspecting the issue we provided him with various options and he elected to video inspect the down spout on the southwest side of the home with a fiber optic camera to determine the condition of the line. We began video inspecting the line to a location at the front of the homes foundation. We observed the line holding some water on the bottom of the pipe but it was not currently backing up. We advised the homeowners of our findings and that further inspection would be required to inspect the remainder of the line. He elected to video inspect the main waste removal line from basement clean out at the front of the home to determine the condition of the line. We thoroughly protected the work area in the basement. We removed the clean out plug and video inspected the line. We discovered that the main line was holding water and that the camera reached an obstruction that it could not pass. We advised him of our findings and he elected to Hydro Jet the main waste removal line from the clean out in the basement to the city main with high pressure water jets to thoroughly clean the entire pipe diameter and attempt to restore flow. We began by power cleaning the line to restore flow and allow for hydro jetting without flooding the basement. We removed a large amount of tree roots and some feminine hygiene products. We then began hydro jetting and after several passes with multiple different jetting nozzles we were able to thoroughly remove the remaining tree roots. We video inspected the line again and confirmed the line is clear and draining well at this time with no visible breaks. We cleaned all our work areas and removed all tools and equipment. We advised the homeowner of our work and findings. We also recommended root treatment at 6 month intervals and the homeowner stated that he plans to administer the root treatment himself as he is familiar with the process. We thank you for inviting us into your home and allowing us to serve your plumbing needs.

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