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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, the homeowner kindly welcomed us and explained that she had purchased a new combination washer/dryer. She wanted the plumbing installed in the kitchen area so she wouldn't have to go downstairs to the basement for laundry. After inspecting the existing plumbing and discussing her preferences, we presented several options. She chose Option 3, which included cleaning the kitchen sink drain line.

We set up tarps to protect the work area and installed the new laundry drain line next to the kitchen window, as requested by the homeowner. We completed the drain and vent piping and discovered that the kitchen drain line was severely congested with debris. The homeowner requested that we power clean the drain line.

We returned to complete the previously quoted work. Starting in the basement, we shut off the cold-water supply to the water heater and drained the hot water supply. We disconnected the existing piping supplying water to the basement washing machine and installed two new full-port isolation valves to isolate both washing machines. After restoring the cold-water supply to the water heater, we tested the fixtures and found no issues.

We then installed new copper water piping from the basement to the first floor, where the new washing machine will be located, securing both the water and drain piping to the wall. We tested the installation and found no issues.

Using our medium-sized power cleaning machine, we power cleaned the kitchen waste line from the sink to the underground piping, employing multiple cutting attachments and making several passes. We retrieved a significant amount of debris buildup. After completing this, we tested the kitchen sink drain and found it draining properly.

Next, we used our large power cleaning machine to clean the main sanitary sewer from the catch basin to the backwater valve in the front yard and from the backwater valve to the city main. We performed a fiber optic video inspection of the sanitary sewer and found no obstructions.

Finally, we cleaned all work areas and removed all tools and debris. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of servicing your home.

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