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Chicago, IL
Project Year: 2024

Project Description

Upon arrival, the homeowners warmly welcomed us into their home, expressing their concern about a leak in the ceiling originating from the shower on the second floor and a persistently dripping tub faucet. Additionally, they pointed out a leak from the shut-off valve for the toilet, which was pooling water on the floor. After inspecting both the first and second-floor bathrooms, we confirmed the alignment of the leak with the second-floor bathtub and the malfunctioning shut-off valve for the toilet. Furthermore, we observed that the lavatory drain and faucet were in poor condition.

Following a thorough discussion and considering their preferences, we presented several solutions, and they chose the optimal one. We took precautionary measures by setting up tarps to safeguard our work area and shut down the water using the existing main shut-off valve at the meter. Then, we proceeded to disassemble and remove the faulty shut-off valves and lavatory faucet. Installing new premium quarter-turn emergency shut-off valves for both the toilet and lavatory faucet, we restored water flow and purged the water lines. Subsequently, we installed a new signature series chrome two-handle lavatory faucet and ensured its proper functionality through testing.

Upon completion the first day, we presented the finished work to the homeowners, explaining the potential for additional work if needed to clear any water line debris from their plumbing. Returning as scheduled, we set up tarps to protect the work area and addressed the previously quoted work. This included exposing the linen closets' sidewall to access the failing tub faucet, removing the old faucet and adjacent water piping, and installing a new signature series temperature-pressure tub faucet. We completed new water piping and drain cleaning, installed a new chrome spout and shower head, and thoroughly tested for functionality.

We finalized the project by performing a pull and reset with a new premium waxless toilet collar seal, ensuring its proper functioning. We also informed the homeowners that if any further leak issues arose, additional options might be necessary, including the possibility of opening the ceiling. In the basement, we replaced the hot and cold isolation valves serving the first-floor bathroom and provided a temporary wall patch in the linen closet. Additionally, we furnished them with contact information for an additional contractor to patch the wall if desired.

Upon completion, we invited the homeowners to inspect the completed work and test for their satisfaction. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist in repairing their home's plumbing and eagerly anticipate the possibility of serving them again in the future, should the need arise.

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