Every drain is different. For a toilet obstruction most people can clear that on their own. We even have a helpful video on our website to give you a little advice on how to do it. For obstructions in showers or sinks the first thing I would say is DON’T use harsh chemicals. Drain cleaning chemicals are acids and are very dangerous. They are dangerous not only to people but also you property. They can take the finish off of the fixture that you are using it on and they can also eat through the pipes. If you want a home remedy we recommend more of a preventative measure such as enzymes. Enzymes are harmless to you plumbing and harmless to people. They only break down the organic matter in your drains. As always, if you have a question on what you can do with your particular concern just give me a call. Just last week one of our good customers called with a clogged garbage disposer and wanted to set up a service call. I was able to walk him through a little trick and he saved the cost of a service call and possible rodding by getting the drain cleared himself.